Forum Changes 25/11/21

Today, we’ll be making some changes to the forums:

Introducing the Hive Discussion category

We realized that our forums have never really had a specific place just for discussing the very thing that they were created for discussing… The Hive! In this brand new section, you can discuss anything and everything relating to The Hive.

We’ll also be adding a new sub-category for you to show off your Hive-related creations (skins, art, capes, and more!)

Phased removal of the ‘regular’ role

Our forums are a place where everybody should feel welcome and equal.

The purpose of the regular role was to reward those users who have contributed to our community, who have shown themselves to be kind, knowledgeable about forum rules and etiquette, and above all, helpful. Recently, however, we’ve noticed that the regular role has often resulted in newer members feeling intimidated, and in some cases, cast out.

As of today, we have disabled Trust Level 3 (otherwise known as the regular role) from being granted to users. In the New Year, we will be removing it from users that have already been granted it.

If you feel that you possess the qualities mentioned previously, we strongly encourage you to apply to become a helper, all of the information can be found here.

Some changes to the rules

As previously mentioned, our forums are a place where everybody should feel welcome. Today, we will be making our rules about being respectful more clear. Going forward, users found to be posting disrespectful, or aggressive comments will be warned, and punished by our staff team as appropriate.

Our forums are for discussing The Hive; off-topic discussion is permitted in the relevant section, but this should be limited to the topic in the original thread. Going forward, threads that contain only general, off-topic chatter will be closed; we encourage you to use other platforms for such discussions.

Although we always value constructive feedback, these changes are not up for debate. Any threads created requesting that we revert them will be closed.