Forum and Discord based Cosmetics!

Forum and Discord based Cosmetics

Now I know that others have also suggested this but I have some more things to add! Please enjoy or give me feedback because I spent a lot of time coming up and formatting these ideas :slight_smile: .

The titles


  • The Discorder connect your discord account
  • The Chatty be typing on the Discord for 10 mins (must send a minimum of 15* messages that have at least 500 characters*)^
  • I swear I have a life! Be typing on the discord for an hour (must send a minimum of 50* messages that have at least 500 characters*)^


  • First steps Connect to the forums and become trust level 1!
  • Consistently Cool! Log into the forum for 100 days in a row, WOW!
  • The contributer Have your suggestion added to the Hive! Obviously cannot already be planned. "


  • The connector Connect your Discord account and Forum account.



  • Your forum avatar Only available for Regulars* and higher (easier to moderate avatars) Suggestion.
  • Dancing Bee! Not much to say but :beedance: . Can be claimed by using the emote in 50 different messages :beedance: !”
  • Forums An edited version of the Hive avatar (the default), comes with First Steps


  • Discord An edited version of the Hive avatar (the default), comes with The Discorder

Removed Ideas

  • Mini helper Help someone on the forums! Dm a mod with a screenshot, they must respond or like your reply.

Please remember these are just Ideas and I understand why they would not be put in especially the Suggestion ones, also a lot of these require a bit of coding to work but hopefully these can be done :slight_smile:

Any other ideas you want to add please reply them bellow!

* Can be changed, reply if you have a better suggestion!
^ Comes with Discord rank
" Comes with a forum badge


I feel like “100 days” sounds better


Anyways this is a cool idea

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I think it should be smth like “Consistent Contributer” Or “Fantastic Forumer”


Thanks for the inspiration. It’s now Consistently Cool.

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Mini helper would probably encourage minimodding, and it would probably lead to people joining, giving incorrect advice leading to confusion amongst newer forumers.


Sweet! :beedance: I’ll make sure to use the :beedance: bee dance emoji :beedance: in all of my messages! :beedance:


you should add one more title i.e. for peope with 10k + messages and people with 100k + messages in discord.

And add one role for regulars

Overall good suggestion.


The first one is very subjective, plus I do not think there is any way to link discourse to minecraft so staff will have to add manually.

I also think that the entire discord category should be removed since it has 80k+ members and a lot of them do chat. Forums are more important than the discord, I don’t find need to have a special hub title for people who are active in the discord


There are like 741 members,
instead of them they could do one cosmetics for regulars :eyes:


Both places are equally toxic invis

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Yeah, this one is a bit more… Eh. As it requires moderation and could send the wrong message, this is one of the two (custom avatar for forum users) that are a more of lose suggestions just because, as I said, there moderation.

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True, true, true.
For the first one very little ideas from #suggestions get added because either they already or will exist, mods don’t see the idea (sometimes for newer users) or the idea has already been suggested (I don’t see many getting added)

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This one can be changed

Just didn’t want anyone to come and get one, they needed to at least be on the forums for a bit.

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I would say mini helper is not going to work out as moderators would be busy with other stuff and getting dm’s saying how they helped would be annoying.

Also maybe add one for being one the forums for 365 days total but doesn’t have to be everyday. Not sure what it would be called though.

Quite a few of the cosmetics can be earned easily so I would make then harder to get.

Not sure how they would be able to know when a person has achieved some of the achievements and how would it the hive know when to give out the cosmetic. Since they would have to code a new system since staff members wouldn’t have time to do all that.


TBH I hoped to use some of the existing badges and systems to make hub titles like

(With the first time you connect your account)

But some of the discord and forum are easier because you can make badges and ranks (with a bot) but yeah they do need coding for a lot of them


I don’t like this idea and I’m about 99 percent sure it’s not gonna be added

For one staff would have to manually put in the avatar thing, plus make a custom avatar system which I’m sure is hard to do

Getting member on the forums isn’t really an accomplishment, along with regular, it’s not that big of a deal, this would encourage people to stay on forums just to get in game rewards, which just isn’t smart, u want people who actually want to be here and care about the forums here


Plus the added factor that they’d need a filtering system to make sure there would be no innapropriate avatars.


I understand why you don’t like it and as you said I am also 99.9% sure this will not be accepted because one they probably won’t see it and two it takes some coding and manually doing it for

but for your last point that is 100% true plus there are less regulars


Yeah, that was a reason I picked members just because they had to actually not just join for it and since I changed it to regular only trusted and actives yousers (no offence to non regulars I am one myself) can get it so hopefully less need to moderate and more time to notice inappropriate names or activities.