Ender Pearl damage

One thing I would like to be removed or nerfed is Ender Pearl damage. I’ve been in fights and I’m on xbox so I most likely won’t win. I usually have some ender pearls on me so I try to pearl away, BUT I am on low health so by the time I get teleported I’m dead. It doesn’t seem fair that people win because an item makes a person takes damage. I would like ender pearls to have their damage removed or nerfed in treasure wars and in skywars… I would love that and it would make the game much more fun and a challenge. Thanks!

Duplicate suggestion. Yadda yadda yadda


Remember that Xbox players are awesome and can be great at pvp too!

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Also it’s matchmaking so you’re most likely going against other xbox players


Hey there, as was mentioned, this is a duplicate thread :slight_smile: I would suggest leaving your feedback on an existing thread rather than creating new ones as this makes it harder for people to know which thread to vote on! You can always use the search function to check if a thread has been created or not.

Also, I’m fairly certain ender pearls were changed to not kill you but leave you on half a heart, so it’s likely fall damage that’s hurting you. :ok_hand:t2: