Turn off ender pearl damage in Treasure Wars

I have often found myself at an enemy base or in a fight when i get very close to dieing, and try to escape with a ender pearl. Although, when ever i try this, i end up taking so much pearl damage that i die well trying to escape. I think that they should turn off pearl damage in Treasure Wars.

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Epearl damage balaces an otherwise op item


I know this happens because I Over abused ender pearling and died on my 6 one by taking damage from the other 5


If they didn’t have it it would be even more op. It’s crazy that I can have 7 pearls when I need to clutch


I feel like this would be a very good idea, and balance it out by making ender pearls cost around 5 emeralds perhaps, I really don’t use pearls because when I pearl into a fight they already have half my health gone, its really not usable.

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I wouldn’t say completely remove the damage but maybe make it to where players take less damage.


The only thing I hate is that you die from them.
Make it how it is in skywars where it’ll leave you at half a heart but never kill you


hello and welcome to the forums trainwreck6965, yes I agree ridding the game of pearl damage whilst saving the life of a friend of mine who always pearl clutches would make it to softcore.

i think reducing the damage would be good.

nah, they just need to make it not kill you. They’re supposed to be risky to use.

Do the thing in skywars where it stops at half a heart

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