Emerald Spawn Changes for WARS

I feel like emeralds spawn too quickly. If you’re quick enough, you can get 20 emeralds within 2-3 minutes. I feel like it needs to be harder to get powerful items such as snowballs, ender pearls, golden apples, and diamond armor.

My Suggestion
What if emeralds didn’t all spawn at once? What if it took longer for them to spawn? I suggest that emerald spawn time be increased from 30 seconds, to 45 or 50 seconds, have a cool down of about 5 seconds between each summoner dropping them, and a 90-second period before they start spawning.

The Benefits
As I said above, this would make it much harder to get diamond armor, as well as other powerful items. This would fix multiple issues that people have with TreasureWars. Also, if bows are changed to cost emeralds, this might help reduce bow spamming too.

One more thing, I checked for other threads with this suggestion, but couldn’t find any. If this is a duplicate, I’m sorry for that.

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the summoners do spawn emeralds every 30 seconds, not 20.


Oops, for some reason I thought it was 20! :man_facepalming:

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I feel like it would be better if they had a cap instead of this, because it’s a challenge to keep control of ems

Why would you want that though?

It would be like they drop one after the other. I just feel like it might balance it a bit more. This also happens in BedWars on Hive Java. :+1:

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Yessss. U know what sucks the most? When your treasure gets destroyed and they have DIAMOND ARMOR. usually its ok but dam when there are teamers, GAME OVER. Litterally for the past couple of days of me grinding like usual, I’ve been seeing way more teamers than usual I’ve rec most of em and plan to make a vid and get em all banned. Did I just get unlucky or are there more players that are teaming? Usually what happens is I get someones treasure and they go over a bridge and I see another team and be like “Eyyy he gonna kill him/she” but then next minute they are teaming for the whole game. I think what happens is they aren’t trying to team unless they are going to lose or panicking.

record > leave > report > ez

But yeah Ik your frustration when your t get destroyed and they have op armor sooo

maybe it takes too long to get some nice footage to report, if you wait too long between the moment you see the hacker and record and the moment you report, it won’t be taken under consideration.

Idk, maybe it has something to do with matchmaking or people getting bored because of corona so they team up. strange

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agreed. every 30 seconds for 4 spawners is too much

I think 30 seconds is fine and fighting for the emeralds against other teams is way more fun. If you just camp base all game you kind of deserve to let one team take all of them, anyways if someone’s actually gets full diamond your best bet is snowballs and arrows or if your good enough you can get iron armor and a diamond sword or iron sword sense players don’t constantly go for diamonds and maybe weaken them a bit with some arrows before fighting them head on, usually experienced players don’t need diamond armor and can finish a game without it and know how to PvP well enough to deal with players with diamond armor. Like the spawners go faster eventually so if people are getting full diamond that early in the game it’s kind of they’re fault for not fighting for the emeralds and not letting one team take all of them.


i agree with @EnchantedUwU

Well yes, thats only in late game when the world summoners have increased in speed

Maybe the summoners would act as they normally do when spawner times are decreased. :thinking:

Well many times people have a lot of ems but some one kills them and steals them all or they get tossed into the void

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i can’t speak for higher level games but whenever i play someone usually gets diamond armor in the first 3 min of the game which is really bad imo. diamond armor should be a mid or late game item not an early game item. i tink every 30 seconds for 4 spawners is too much anyway, i think it should be 2 spawners for 30 seconds or 60 seconds for 4 spawners (again this is lower level play, higher level of play might be different)

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If it was late game though, people wouldn’t have time to get dia without getting siderushed


Imo this should not be implemented in trios and squads. This is because in trios and squads, it is pretty hard to get emeralds already because everyone if fighting for control over em