Duels Gamemode for the hive

If we could have a duels gamemode would be fun we dont have to bridge or be strategic just see who can kill eatchother.

[We could have items
that a normal duels server would have like “Versai”
Dueling is a very good part in any servers so why dont we add it to this one if takes a long time dont give up i rwally want it.

Most people would disagree but most competitive Sg and Treasure wars grinders would love it.


You’ll be able to duel people in your swarms once they release. Also, this is a duplicate of NEW GAME! Duels/Tournament. Please use the :mag: in the future


I think a separate duels minigame where you can duel random people that are not in your swarm would be a great way for people to practice.

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To my knowledge, swarms will be able to duel against other swarms as well.

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