Dodgebox (Dodgeball-like Gamemode)

A dodgeball like minigame that uses boomboxes as their balls

A dodgeball minigame (from MCC) that uses boomboxes and other projectiles. This could be an LTM or a Mixed Arcade gamemode. All boomboxes do their respective effects, you have a normal amount of hearts, and there is no regeneration (and respawning).

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PS, I know that there was a post about dodgeball but that was in 2019 and I have some additional ideas.

All boomboxes should be included, including the ones found in survival games.
If there is a way to allow boomboxes through a barrier and not allow players to go through, knockback boomboxes should also be part of the game.

There could be an additional gamemode called “Frenzy” or something like that where the boomboxes appear very, very frequently.

I love it. Voted!

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Good idea. Voted!

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