Display a Symbol by a Friend's Head


Display a symbol or word by the name above your friend’s heads so you can easily see them in hubs/lobbies.

More information:

I’m sure there are many people on the server who have many friends and sometimes it can be hard finding your them in hubs or lobbies with all the other people around. I thought it would be a nice idea to have some sort of way to differentiate between people who are and aren’t your friends just by looking at them. A simple symbol by their name or display their name a different colour to show it would work well I think.

Tell them to go to spawn and all the times I want to see a friend I go to there hub or party invite.


I think this is a nice idea, a small thing but helpful. Imo it is mostly helpful when you and your friend/s have no way of communication.


bump as i think this is a great idea. if you still don’t understand, here’s an image of something similar.

as you can tell, theres a moon symbol before their name, obviously it won’t be the same symbol but you get the point.

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