Diamond armor

Add diamond armor to CTF costing 300 coins.

You would only gain a diamond chestplate for purchasing diamond armor, an increase of 2 defence from the iron set, and an increase of 5 from the default set.

This would go along well with a personal upgrades system. You can vote for that here. [Personal Upgrades]

The main suggestion in this post is for diamond armor.
If you dislike the personal upgrades bit specifically, still vote for this post but not for the linked post.

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I like the idea somewhat. Having it be just a diamond chestplate would be better in my opinion, so then the gap between chain and diamond isn’t that big. I would hate going against diamond because I never buy iron, I buy more tnt with that gold lol. Anyways having it just be a chestplate would allow for different types of strategies to still work.

having diamond armor in treasure wars was already a massive mistake, it makes the fights so long. Having it in ctf where natural regen is almost instant after like 10 seconds would be so unbelievably bad. This would legit be the fastest way to kill this game.

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Do games even last long enough for this to be worth buying? Because chances are the only reason you’d have enough money to buy this is when your two down on captures or got two captures yourself. Which would arguable make rushers like me even more powerful because I just rush two flags, get diamond armor, and breeze through the game.

wouldnt be worth, better to get berries and tnt and iron sword. This would only make super long games go on for WAY longer.

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I mean if you have full diamond a stone sword miles would be a squeaky toy.

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I don’t think it would be a great idea because it would make the fights last longer and more boring D: