Custom Turrets

So with the new Bedwars gamemode, we have turrets. Nothing too shabby, the textures look really good. But what if we had custom turrets? Just like a lot of the other things that were added in Bedwars, why not add an unlock for custom turrets? You could have like a sculk turret, or a wooden turret, or something that would look cool. Perhaps Hive could even put this in Bedwars seasons.

I was pretty surprised no one else made a post like this. Anyways, this post was also going to be asking whether or not I can make my own models and textures for the turrets. If Hive allows, I could post every now and then a bunch of models and textures for Bedwars things, like turrets(I’m a small bedrock dev).
Thanks for reading guys.
These are the models I’ve made so far (more coming soon)…

Horned Brute Turret

My bad guys, I didn’t know how to upload photos. Here they are now. I’ll try uploading one on April 2nd as well. As you can see here, I tried using a bit of Hive style shading, but I don’t think that went that well for me. This turret was originally meant to be a cross between a horned demon and a piglin brute (gold circles) but my friends said it looked more like a Chinese new year cannon.

Lemon Aid Turret

This was another design I worked on, it was meant to be something like a lime and lemon. I called in lemon-aid.

Midnight Scourge Turret

This was a midnight cannon. Sorry for the late upload. It looks sort of like sculk, which is what I think and another artist thinks.

Ender Breath Turret

In my opinion, this has the most attention to detail. It was themed of the end and dragon’s breath ball so it would make a cool combo to have both this and a dragon breath ball in your inventory.

Poison Skull Turret

If you haven’t noticed, i tried to draw small particles here. The skull particles are just a recoloured 1.21 trial omen particle. This one took quite a while as well, hope you enjoy it.

Volcanic Fin Turret

This one also took a while, I chose this colour palette cos it looked cool and sort of glows, perhaps this one could be a very high level unlock.

Rusted Leaves Turret

I was a bit lazy when doing this one, might be lazy for a while. Sorry for the lazy texturing on this one.

Orange Vortex Turret

Sorry for the delay guys, due to unforeseen circumstances, I will try to upload once every day (emphasis on the ‘try’). This model was a little different because I went for a sci-fi kind of feel, with the floating bottom, a little bit like a UFO.

Also, if you wanted some custom turrets to be modelled, you can ask in comments. I might make it. If you want, I can also provide you with the texture and model for the turret.


That’s cool! We can unlock the different textures by gaining levels :DD

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Thanks mate

I liek this but first you have to get a Turret soooo

Cus they havent done an unlocckable for something you dont start with (ithink)

Ah, I see what you mean. The turret (in my opinion) is aimed at people who play duos or squads with lots of rushers, so the turret would be like a defense before the bed. I suppose the majority of players would get a turret, but I see what you mean when most of the unlocks you get on other game modes are things you already have. I just think it would be fun to diversify island items instead of making it really monotonous. I also have another idea for “glazed wool” where you can choose the designs on your wool but that’s an idea for another page.

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If you guys would like, I can provide you with the model for the turrets and you can try making your own.

This post has images

Wait if this was your post why not just edit it instead of making a new topic following on from that has broken pictures

Like I said, i forgot about what I said, and I also didn’t know how to add pictures in editing. I was also kind of tired at the time and I wasn’t thinking straight.

i can’t lie this looks like an idea the hive would actually add but it’s probably gonna be the same as auto bridger skins in treasure wars, i mean literally nobody uses them

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I love this idea and your designs — they look great! Voted! (:

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I see what you mean. In my opinion, I don’t think it will be completely useless, because some people (like me) like to show off their unlocks, and who wouldn’t like showing off a turret that looks like a cannon?

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Good idea Electrowong. I hope this gets added in the game, good luck! I’ve voted.

-Bamboo fellow

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Thanks! Hopefully now once a hive helper votes I’ll get more votes but that doesn’t seem very likely.

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Omds not good not good

Wow! Great models! Totally not biased nor do I have any affiliation with you. Voted!

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how about turret upgrades, and the turrets have 1-5 levels with like 3 path upgrades to choose from, for example First path: Normal arrows but with faster fire cooldown and longer range, Second path: poison/wither/fire arrows but shorter range, third path: dragon breath ball (like the item but an arrow for turrets) with slower fire cooldown and longer range.


I like that end turret one best. Voted!


the models look great!