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Skywars - Regaining Tools

So recently I’ve been using custom servers to host some Skywars games with my friends. We love the respawn feature and thought it was a great idea! But it has some cons: (a) you can spawn kill. (b) you get the standard tools once you respawn. The first one, you probably won’t be able to fix. But the second one maybe if you could make it so if “Keep Inventory” is on, you could make it so you don’t get the standard tools when you respawn.

Stay safe!

i say maybe a 10s spawn cooldown/ protection could be killed, so you have 10 secs of immunity to get the heck outta there

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jkjk i dont hate you lol


There is an option to turn keep inventory on, and if someone is spawn killing kick em :wink: @mods

Both suggestions included here - spawn protection and no tools with keep inventory on - have been added,