Custom Servers Single Player

So I had an idea that allows players to host custom servers with one player (just the host) without the game forcing victory on whatever minigame when the countdown to the start of the game ends. There could be an option when creating the cs rules for a ‘single player’ which lets them play and test the game without them actually winning. There would then be a setting once in game to end it (like a forced victory) once you no longer need it. Bare in mind this is for single player use but could be interpreted into multiplayer in the future.

Why this helps

You are able to test your cs rules and minigames on your own without the game ending. This also partly solves the problem of the need for ais
as you now don’t need the minimum number of players to be two as you have the single player or ‘test’ mode.


This could easily lead to unnecessary strain on Hive’s Hardware if people just AFK there or something.

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Really? Well I think hive would have put in the thought to have a timer for custom games and there’s no point afking as people won’t get any xp or anything out of it anyway so yeah

Oh never mind I though you meant something else by your post


This would be very useful, I just wanted to explore SG4 once alone, but the game ended in 15 seconds because I “Won”



Very cool suggestion, and epic for anyone wanting test out something in a map or practice strats.

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This would bee :honeybee: really helpful :o
I want to learn pearl clutching in SkyWars and the game is over after it started. Also players could learn jump bridging and other stuff in singe player custom servers.


This needs to be added! Imagine when you used to bridge so slow but in order to practice you need to go to a super flat world. But with this you could bridge by yourself on hive! This is a very good suggestion!


Thanks for bumping guys and feel free to vote to help this become a reality :slight_smile:

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Oh, yeah. That’s a nice idea. It would help a lot when training or stuff.

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yeh, i’ve been teaching my friend bridging and my other friends has been practicing pearl clutching.

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Bump because good suggestion and I was about to suggest it.

Feel like this would be helpful for “training “ and learning the maps. Also having a route in sg where there are alot of chests is important so with this feature we could learn routes like that without it having to go to a real game.


Bump bc this is such a small change that would make a massive impact on CS’s

This is a great idea because you could practice things like bridging or clutching or you can test out all the different options you have to change the game.

Voted OwO



I think this suggestion would work better if you could set max players to one. Setting max players to one would let you host single player servers without you “winning”. Very good suggestion I am definitely going to vote.

With this should also be the ability of setting game length

People would abuse that to extend the amount of time each day they could spend in a cs(replying to message above, it just doesn’t show because its directly above)

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Fair, but if you could only really decrease it not increase it it wouldn’t matter

I mean ig, but like why would you want to decrease it instead of letting it end normally?