CTF Shop Update (Ideas and Concepts)

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Starting Section

In capture the flag, it is very easy for most players to get maxed out as it only takes 300 Coins for players to be maxed out. Even in long games. I have come up with some concepts and ideas that will hopefully update the current shop as it is and introduce more items!

Current CTF Shop Prices (From suggestion creation date)

Current CTF Shop Prices

Item Shop
→ 16 Blocks (15 Coins)
→ 16 Arrows (25 Coins)
→ Iron Sword (100 Coins)
→ Diamond Sword (200 Coins)
→ Iron Armor (100 Coins)
→ Speed Berries (40 Coins)
→ Instant TNT (75 Coins)

Upgrade Shop
→ Arrow Upgrade (125 Coins)
→ Block Upgrade (200 Coins)
→ Absorption (250 Coins)
→ Fast Respawn (350 Coins)

Suggestion Contents

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Coin Upgrade

Improved suggestion from Coin Upgrade

Coin Upgrade

It is easy to stack up in CTF very early and be maxed out. This coin upgrade will make sense as you look at other sections of the suggestion.

Currently it takes a while to actually unlock a lot of upgrades in the CTF shops. I would like to introduce a “Coin Upgrade”.

The coin upgrade can be bought from the “Upgrades” shop for 200 Coins This upgrade will only effect you. The upgrade gives you +50% more coins and if its a decimal, it will be rounded up to the nearest whole number.

This will make it easier to buy other upgrades and help into buying new items (in another section) to help fight against the opposing team.

Shop Pricing Adjustments

Shop Pricing Adjustments

For a few items in the shop, I would like to raise the prices on some of them to balance themselves with the coin upgrade. This change will help prevent the enemy team from stacking up too early in the game!

  • Iron Sword (100 Coins) → 150 Coins (+50 Coins / +50% In Price)
  • Diamond Sword (200 Coins) → 300 Coins (+100 Coins / +50% In Price)
  • Iron Armor (100 Coins) → 150 Coins (+50 Coins / +50% In Price)
  • 16 Blocks (15 Coins) → 10 Coins (-5 Coins / -33% In Price)

These price changes will make sense as the suggestion list goes on. This is to help introduce new items that are more value than these current ones!

New Items

New Items

I feel like there should be new items to help change up the gameplay ever so slightly. These prices are adjusted to the price changes I have said above and this shall introduce more higher tier items for end-game as it is too easy to gain end-game items too quickly making everyone stacked and there is no difference in the PVP battles as everyone gets iron armour and diamond swords. When you get these two items, you are basically set for the rest of the game and what only costs 300 coins which is a bit minimal wouldn’t you think?

Here are some new items I would like to introduce:

  • Crossbow (100 Coins) [Enchanted With Quick Charge I)
  • Diamond Armor (300 Coins)
  • Netherite Sword (500 Coins)
  • Netherite Armor (500 Coins)
  • Slowball (50 Coins) [Snowball that gives an extra layer of slowness onto hit player (stacks up to 2 times)]
New Upgrades

New Upgrades

There are only 4 current shop upgrade, I would like to introduce some more of them and explain how they can benefit gameplay and what they would link to:

  • Bow Upgrade - Adds power 1 to bows and another level of quick charge on crossbows (150 Coins)
  • Sword Upgrade - Adds sharpness 1 to swords (300 Coins)
  • Ice Shot - If you miss a shot using slowballs, a snow block will appear and disappear after 30 seconds (Unbreakable) (100 Coins)
  • Faster Flag Return - Reduces the time to return the flag by 25% (250 Coins)
  • Block Upgrade 2 - Available when you upgrade the block upgrade the first time (100 Coins) - Makes all existing blocks into concrete
  • Stronger TNT - Increases the tnt radius by 1-2 Blocks (250 Coins)
Item Shop Change

Item Shop Change

The item shop should be changed to put items into price order like the update shop.
The most expensive items will be put at the bottom and the cheapest will be put at the top. Like tnt is at the bottom so it would make sense for it to be put near the top for quick access

Spells Shop

There should be an introduction of spells in a sperate shop on the CTF map.
However this shop will only appear if you are losing 2-0 from the other team. This will help the team make a comeback. But when the score becomes 2-2, all books in inventories and the shop will be removed for the endgame. Here are the shop items I came up with:

  • Book Of Poison (50 Coins) - Poisons enemies in a 5 block radius (Poison I - 10 Seconds)
    (You take an extra half heart of damage if you get hit)

  • Book Of Strength (150 Coins) - Give strength for 20 seconds
    (You get 10 seconds of weakness after)

  • Book Of Allies (200 Coins) - Summons 2 zombies next to you to help fight (Despawn after 60 Seconds)
    (You will be given weakness until zombies are killed or despawned)

  • Book Of Immortality (300 Coins) - Makes you immune to all damage (Except for water damage)
    (You cannot damage players for 3s after)

The reason all spells have downsides to them is because it would be pretty overpowered to just have spells on its own. This is to help balance it a bit.

Thanks for reading the suggestion!
Let me know your new ideas and opinions!

I will actively edit this and add your ideas (with credit)!

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I think this was very well made, I hope some of these get implemented into CTF!!!

Took an hour to type and an additional half an hour to fit pricing and tidy it up

To make a good suggestion, you need to put as much detail as possible c:

Thats why sometimes when I respond to different suggestions, you see how I explain ideas that could make it better, issues with their suggestion, what could be improved and how its good c:

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I actually quite like some of the stuff in this suggestion like the faster flag return and sword/bow upgrades. However, some of the stuff in here is kinda unecesarry. Netherite armor would be ridiculously overpowered, essentially taking knockback out of the equation and making you completely invincible (more on that later), and diamond armor wouldn’t help either since its already broken in the current minigames that have it.

Snowballs also have no need to be here. They’re already a problem in games like Treasure Wars, SkyWars, and The Bridge due to how far they can send players in the air. Having them in Capture the Flag would make it worse because if you have the other team’s flag and are on your way to your base, it would be less about maneuvering skills and using map routes to your advantage, and more about spamming as much snowballs as you can at the enemies coming after you. It would also be way too easy to get cleanup and knock players off bridges, especially with their current price.

Edit: After typing this, I found out that you listed slowballs instead of snowballs (My bad). With what I said above, giving players slowness when they’re hit would make them way worse, as a lot of players would just spam them, especially when they have a flag.

As far as TNT, many players including myself have been saying that its already overpowered at the moment. Having an upgrade that makes it stronger will only make matters worse since at that point, it would just be a right-click to win button that can nuke the entire map (Obvious exaggeration, but you get the point)

The idea of spells is also interesting, but the ones you listed, even with the downsides, would be kinda overpowered, especially the immortality one and the strength one. Not to say that spells wouldn’t
be nice to have if done right, but the ones here wouldn’t really improve the game.

On the topic of crossbows, I don’t think they should be in the game since if you get more than one and charge all of them, you could just spam them all and get easy kills. Arrow damage on Hive has always been kinda scuffed, so until they get that fixed I don’t think crossbows should be added.

And as far as the shop price adjustments are concerned, there really isn’t a need for Hive to change armor or sword prices, especially with iron armor since making it harder to buy would make it even more worthless than it already is compared to diamond and netherrite armor. And since stronger swords don’t really do much against stronger armor, making them more expensive is kinda unecesarry since you’d basically just be wasting your coins on something that wouldn’t make much of a difference.

As far is blocks go, I can see where your coming from in regards to reducing the price since players run out fast. However, if players running out is a problem, then the better solution would be to increase the amount of blocks players start with instead of reducing the price, since players who actively participate and get a lot of coins wouldn’t have much of a problem with running out towards the end of the game. Also, the upgrade where existing concrete powder blocks turn into concrete wouldn’t really be all that helpful since players are already given a pickaxe at the start of the game, and instant tnt exists. Since new blocks are easy to get from the shop, you wouldn’t really need the 2nd upgrade anyway. Not just that, but the concrete powder in your inventory already gets replaced with concrete when the upgrade is purchased.

Anyways, that’s pretty much it for my rendition of the Decloration of Independance. If you just got done reading this, I hope my feedback for your ideas helps. I as well think a bigger item/upgrade pool would allow for more gameplay variety and open up more strategies, but there shouldn’t be so much of that where it makes the gameplay unbalanced and convoluted.

  1. Typo

Thanks for your opinion LightKnight! It helps me change some of my thoughts!

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i don’t know, i feel as though ctf is the most balanced game mode at the minuet, like i very rarely think to myself that i died just because someone had better gear than me or better items, and i for what its worth hope that the hive doesn’t change this too much and add something like diamond Armour. this would 1) slow the pace of games right down as fights with diamond Armour can go on for ages, especial if more than two people are fighting and 2) drastically change the meta strategy of the game into saving up for diamond Armour which would further encourage spawn trapping and further slow the game down.
just imagine if both teams have the opponents flag at their spawn, all geared in diamond Armour, then there’s nothing you can do. once the flag holder is killed and another picks it up, by the time you’ve killed the second the first would be back, and on and on which would lead to frustration from one side which would lead to more strategies like “eat speed berries and spam tnt” from the other and both sides wold be frustrated. and soo much more like the health on kill system would be broken with diamond Armour making you practical invincibly if you know how to abuse it.
for similar reasons the upgraded swords would also be bad.
^^tldr: no diamond Armour plz >:( (and this would be infinity worse with nethorite)

rant on diamond armour over
the rest of the ideas are cool tho, i do want to see some options for new playstyles in ctf as the game can get a bit repetitive and all the new spells and upgrades would really help with that, (as long as they are not an insta win kinda thing).although 2 adjustments i would make to your suggestion is to remove immortality, this might be too over powered and insta win, and i would like to see these and further additions like this implemented with an eating mechanic (like how you need to stop to eat speed berries) instead of the spell books from skywars as it just makes everything more balanced and less “press a button to win”. i think the game definitely needs a better variety of items tho.

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You’re not wrong tho

After not reading those two 30 for 30’s, I’m just going to say that the pricing adjustments aren’t bad but the extra items kinda suck as they would make the game longer and probably more annoying

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First of all, thanks for the mentions.

This is all reasonable

Diamond Armour is a good addition but I don’t like the idea of Netherite at the current state of The Hive.
An alternative I can think of would be an Enchantment Upgrade.
This would only apply to the player who purchased it. This would give all Armour protection 1 and Swords sharpness 1.
This could be upgraded to multiple tiers possibly with a cap of 3-4.

Slowballs and Crossbows I’m kinda unsure whether I like it or not.

New upgrades I think are a great idea. I agree with most of those.

Overall, it’s a great suggestion.

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