Coin Upgrade

My idea is to have a new upgrade in CTF called “Coin Upgrade”. This upgrade would multiply the teams coins by 1.5-2.0x.
It could cost around 300 coins.

I believe this would be helpful because sometimes it takes ages to save up coins.


I would personally not like the idea of this as, getting coins is pretty easy and it only takes one flag for someone to get a ton of coins while giving everyone else 50

It doesnt take long for most people to get 300 coins and already get stacked with iron armor and a diamond sword. This personally would only be useful for the purpose of utility items.

Since items like diamond swords and iron armor are already 300 coins maybe to balance it, they can be upped in price by 50% instead and introduce diamond armor which can be bought for 500 coins making your suggestion more worthwhile! (Hive take note)


Yeah that sounds like an improvement