CS Forge idea wmc

What is CS forge you ask? Well I believe it would have similar aspects to Halo’s Forge. Now CS forge is a place holder name at the moment but that’s not the point. The point is, if added it should have these features.
Island Customization: What is this you ask? Well island Customization allows you to move where the islands are, to prevent unfair advantages all the island show move at the same pace. What this means is you can decide how far or how close to the other islands (eg mid, diamond, other). Another feature in Island customization is the ability to pick the size of the islands such as large, small or medium. You will be able to pick what maps the islands are from such as in SW you can have the wild woods mid and the Ivory spawn islands.

Entity customization: this would allow the player to decide where the generators in TW are (you may want something funny like all of them at mid) or the location of the mystery chest (eg you have to build up to it before the height limit lowers causing it to break.

When customizing there will be certain barriers such as the spawn islands can’t be more than 50 metres from mid.
I’d also like to add that I was mainly focusing on TW and SW but maybe certain kill barrier or building placements for SG and trap placements for DR.

Could be possible but it’s much more work for the devs and builders


I like this idea but i don’t think that this is possible its just to hard or it is possible but it might take a couple years.

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It’s a shame yes so I doubt it would be added sadly. Hopefully one day though

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