Count of new friend requests

Currently, I have no clue if i have anyone wanting to be my friend unless i physically go into my friends menu and check. this can be tedious as some people will have a lot of friends, meaning that they have to scroll for ages to see, because its at the bottom. Therefore, when you log on, i think it should say something along the lines of “you have 1 new friend request from X” or you have 4 new friend requests from X and others," and if you didn’t have any new friend requests it wouldn’t say anything. this could be shown in chat after it notifies you about your current loginstreak. This would save players with a lot of friends from having to scroll really far just to see if they have a friend request.

sorry if this is a duplicate i searched but didn’t find anything :(

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Sometimes I just completely forget to accept a friend request or friend requests will just sit there unseen for days. You have my vote :slight_smile:


This or maybe just add the list of friends last, and the incoming invites and stuff first.

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Make it so that it says nothing when you have no new friend invites, but put a message when you do.


I’ve changed it, thanks for that!

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Oh, yea…I sent friends request’s to many forumers here…including ariannasv22…not many people sent requests to me except emberz and gyrrabird…would be great if notified…

i sense a lack of a friend request from you :|


shall i friend you?

It’s a good thing I don’t have many friends

This seems very epic because sometimes my friends accidently unfriend me and friend me again and I can’t see the request often.

Love the suggestion! Only thing is maybe make the text a different color than the log in streak so that it stands out? But definitely got my vote :smiley:


Bump, it could be cool that in the chat if it will say: “you have 1 new friend request”.

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It’s almost as if that’s what the suggestion said