Costume Idea! 🤖


Once you join The Hive Discord Server, you get a skin called HiveBot9000! It’s a robot wearing a discord hoodie with a mini discord logo. This is a mini reward for all discord members! :robot:

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great idea take my vote and don’t forget to vote yourself :+1: :+1:


Nice idea to give something special to users that join Hive Discord, but I think a costume is too much, correct me if I am wrong, but you usually get a costume when you boost it. I think something like getting a hub title would be good enough


what do you mean???

I meant this

Here, it’s written here, I checked it

but u need to get nitro lets just stick to this idea

this happened to lifeboat… basically if you join the discord you get a discord rank if you do /ign (your username)
people literally just join the discord for the rank. this would happen o hive
“How do I get the costume? I joined the server!“