Cosmetic Update

I have a few features to add to Pets and the upcoming Back Blings which might help them become a bit more popular. These features will be on the longer side to make but these would work well as background updates.


They should be allowed in game lobbies and the replay hub as suggested by Fracasadoh also they could appear in games like jb, bd, bp and dr but the pets would size with the players in the settings for death run and a few others but maybe not appear in games like mm, sky, and bed wars as well as a setting option to disable in game pets.
You could also add the walking pets like the duck pug and new ones like a rat pet suggested by StrangerHades11 as well as go back to you’re idea for a haunted teddy pet. Mounts could have a togglable seat for you’re pets if you don’t want to leave them behind.

Back Blings

These will appear on you’re back in the hubs lobbies and really anywhere a hat does. The Dora the explorer hub title could be replaced with Dora back pack instead. There could be a pillow back bling for getting a certain level in bed wars or a Santa bag for Christmas.



If you have any ideas for hats and mounts or just another thing I could add to pets and back blings tell me and I will add it to the post and give you credit and tell me if you see an uncredited dupe and I will remove it.

No, don’t place pets in games, it could be annoying, just in game lobbies


I like the idea, but they wouldnt add a santa bag back bling (atleast for this year) cause the winter update comes around the 12th of december (assuming their having one) and everyone receives the back bling towards the end of december

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I know I was making the suggestion for next year as back blings are releasing around march

Next time, use the @ symbol so I can thank you for adding my post to yours!

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