Copper golem bundle


A copper golem bundle buyable with minecoins.

More information:

It will contain these cosmetics


A costume
An avatar
Oxidized! Hub title (Oxidiz being green and ed being orange)


A copper golem treasure that oxidizes over time during the game.
An auto bridger.


Player flag.
Orange and green projectile trail.


Spawn pedestal


A cape.

Murder mystery:

Copper ingot throwable

Hide and seek:

Copper golem mask hat

Will cost 660/830 minecoins.


I will vote this(:

Allay bundle is better
Could we get an idea of what the costume and cosmetics look like?
I made a quick model of what the hub title would look like (there’s no orange color for text sorry)

So maybe show us a little on how the cosmetics would look like, but still got my vote!


I don’t know how to make them :sweat_smile:

Nope me neither, but u can draw them, or build a massive scale (1 pixel= 1 block or something like that) one in Minecraft, or if u really have some free time and are dedicated to this, you can go to Blockbench to create a 3d model yourself and display it to Minecraft!

Ok I will do it in my free time

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We need this

What if we could have this added at the same time as this: Add The Copper Golem

CG takes over the hive??

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Imma try and make a basic idea of what the 3D models will look like

Would the costume be the brown/orange colour or the blue/green colour or a mix of both?

This would be really cool to add to the hive and pretty simple. You got my vote!

I think both the colors to match the hub title

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This could be a cool bundle especially with the Different color hub title. I’m definitely voting for this suggestion :+1:

I feel motivated to help you with how this pack would look like
DM me (here on the forums) of u want me to help!

i think a copper golem costume would be adorable (and slightly terrifying because he’d be large) a little friend for the moobloom :blobheart:


Great idea, but i think the treasure changing over time, altough cool, would be kind of unfair (?)
not really unfair but paying to have this special ability only this treasure has kinda makes it unfair in my opinion, beside that i loved it! :beedance:

Idk how it would make it unfair, I think what they were suggesting was that the texture of it turns greener over the course of the game, the treasure itself wouldn’t change.

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