Concerning Just build

So i have been playing just build for a long time now and it since then i have encountered so much inappropriate builds. In almost every game I go, there are several inappropriate builds. Now it is annoying because when there is topic to build and the only builds you encounter are just something inappropriate. So it would be nice if something can be done?

I know there is an option to vote for inappropriate but it doesn’t really change anything or at least the user doesn’t see a difference because in the next game for example there are still the same builders and buildings. strong text

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This isn’t a suggestion. You provided an issue, but not anything to fix the issue. Be sure to give this a read before posting.

This post is a really good idea that I personally think would be great if it was a factor put into match making. Check it out if you want and provide feedback!


It’s very hard to come up with a good solution to effectively moderate Just Build but for now you just have to keep reporting the inappropriate builds you see. Like the comment above said, you stated the issue which was the inappropriate builds, but not a solution :confused:

Thank you for replying, I didn’t include a possible solution indeed. I am open to new solutions from anyone else? After all finding a solution is not the easiest thing for this problem.

Umm, whaaaaaaaaat