Just Build has to Many Inappropriate Builds

Hello. I think that Just Build has WAY too many inappropriate builds. When I play 1 game of it, 80% of the builds are inappropriate. And, because there are a lot of younger players who play on the Hive, I think there needs to be a change. My suggestion is that someone will have a green name when they haven’t been reported in the last 3 games. Then, you can make a different game option on the teleporter called “safe mode” or something like that where it will only let green names play.

I also have another idea: AI
I’ve seen how Mojang has been messing around with AI stuff lately, and thought it would be cool if the Hive implemented it. My idea is that builds that have been reported and approved as inappropriate, would be saved in the AI’s database. That way, if someone builds inappropriately, the AI would detect and block it before anyone sees it.


Sure! I think this is a rly good idea! (Vote for ur own post)


i get the idea, and i also think that there should be something done with how many inappropriate builds there are, but i think that a “safe modus” still wouldnt do much, because if people know about this system they would do 3 rounds no inappropriate builds, but when they go play “safe modus” they will make a inappropriate build. so i think it should be longer then 3 games, maybe like 8 games, but that is just a suggestion.


Honestly, Just Build stinks. The game is terrible, for many reasons other than the inappropriate builds. Everyone votes Meh to boost their own chances of winning and you never get any XP. It’s so dumb. The Hive needs to do an entire reworking of Just Build because it’s just the worst


its also one of the most played games on the hive :thinking:

but yea i hate it too


yeah I agree

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It’s really hard to make a system to combat players who build exclusively inappropriate builds in JB, because there’s an unreal amount of them. Staff probably do not have the time to sift through every report made. Maybe there could be a volunteering system (made for experienced JB players, say 250+ games played WITHOUT ever being reported for inappropriate builds) exclusively just for Just Build reports? I don’t know, I doubt they’d remove the game or change it in any way, but the voting system could definitely be altered, if possible of course!


Hello! I understand your frustration with inappropriate builds, as they do violate our rules, however I think there would be flaws with a system such as that, as it could be abused with players reporting others to mess with them. If you do see an inappropriate build, the best recommendation would be to report it so we can handle it.

Since replays are currently not supported in just build, you can take a screenshot when the chat says “This build was built by: Username”, with the build in the background, and report them in the Hive Discord: The Hive - Discord


It’s never mind for me. It was their behavior. They would be ban by the Hive. Anything, I used to vote “Meh” and report Inappropriate.:joy::joy::joy:

Inappropriate builds like indecent statue, profanity word etc.

Situation 1
-Built inappropriate but someone get ban

Situation 2
-Built weird then won in the first place because their voting

Situation 3
-Built something and wrote a profanity word

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The way you phrased that was kinda brutal but i do agree that there are definatly ways they could improve Just Build.


Firstly, just build is my favorite gamemode. It really isnt hard to level up, and people barley vote meh to boost their chances of winning.

2nd, I really dont see many inappropriate builds. It just is people being fools. They do get banned, but I dont think this is necessary. :translations:


many children play hive and a vast majority of the gravitate towards the non-pvp games. Just Build regularly has the most or second most players out of any gamemode on the hive during the daytime hours, and a large number of those people are under the age of 15. Thus, inappropriate builds are a MASSIVE problem and need to be dealt with in a way that protects minors from explicit content as much as possible.


but most of the Bedrock player base is younger and they might not be allowed to have Discord no offense


Very good point. @Frosty_Boy5591

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In that case, it is possible to have a parent or guardian report for them. Replays are currently not supported as I mentioned previously, but they are planned to be added to Just Build, so reporting in the Discord is the only way to do so at the moment :+1:

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I believe this system should stay secret and not have any information if they do decide to add some form of this match making. Not even saying they added this. If they do that and have it done well then no one will ever know about it, so it shouldn’t be abused at all.

Also Idk any kid that would tell their parent that there is anything inappropriate that happened in a game, mine wouldn’t let me play it again. Hive really needs to do something about inappropriate builds, they are so common.


True I just stopped playin that gamemode because of it.


I don’t play JB not because of the inappropriate builds but just because of how slow it is to level up and how annoying people are when it comes to voting. But it is very hard to combat inappropriate content and I don’t see a decent solution to combat this besides reporting. But I still hope something can be done soon.


How would a parent/guardian understanding what Minecraft is? And if a kid asks them to go on discord and report a very inappropriate build, what will the parents do? They will probably tell them to stop playing if its inappropriate. I personally hate that everything Hive is doing is on the discord, because a lot of the playerbase is younger and cant use discord.


As someone who works with children, I can assure you that many guardians are aware of what Minecraft is and monitor what their child is doing. Please do keep in mind that as I’ve already mentioned that this solution is temporary while replay support for just build is still being worked on. With that said, please try to stay on topic of the original suggestion. If you’d like to make your own suggestion regarding how things are handled on the Discord you can do so by creating a different suggestion :+1: