Classic SG gamemode/option

I like some things of this new update but also love how SG was before the update so i feel it would be a great idea for hive to have an option to play SG as it was before the update.

something i’d also like would be to for a classic SG to have it’s original custom chests (i understand and see why custom chests were removed but i’d still like 1 SG gamemode to keep the chests)

I’m suggesting adding an option like “classic SG” or “basic SG” or something along those lines so people can still enjoy SG as it was before the update

I agree, but your description of how to improve it would make the server density too thin, solos / duos only averages like 500 active players already and that would make matchmaking time too long. It would be better just to balance the gamemode. Maybe it this would be better? Balance The new Preview SG


They aren’t going to 100% keep all of the changes, so maybe make a new suggestion for that that way there aren’t two modes with their own flaws and there is just one mode that is as close to perfect as it can be.

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hive has been gaining players a lot and enabling pbmm on SG even with a 3rd version wouldn’t make it take too much longer for pbmm to be enable in survival games

I saw no flaws with the old survival games other than there being no player trackers though

that’s why i believe having an entire mode dedicated to SG as it was would be a good idea

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I have to agree with nerd here

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