I think it would be pretty cool to have a clan/club feature, you could have a clan level and get rewards for them and so on. Maybe even clan leaderboards, stats etc, would be fun and encourage alot more interaction with other players and could always expand on it in the future

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I really need to get more info on what the clan can do, how to access the clan, and how to invite people to the clan, and etc.

But overall i can say that there is already a thing called “Party” where you and your friends can join if you are new to the hive.

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I kinda meant more of a clan thing, like how on apex legends they have clubs where all your friends can join them and it gives everyone a clantag and has a whole chat where it shows who won what in what gamemode. But i think it could be fun if they made them more competitive or rewarding, if it does become a thing it might have to have its own whole new item to access it.

i believe this is a feature when the Swarms update comes out

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Swarms isn’t going to come out in the foreseeable future, I wouldn’t be surprised if it never releases.

i actually like this idea a lot. this would be really fun to try to recruit players to ur clan and do fun stuff. maybe you can start a cs in your clan and others can join from a clan menu?


they discontinued swarms lol, it was on their road map since 2020 and in 2022 (i think) they dscontinued it

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Your idea is great but this has already been planned with Swarms. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued to focus on other major updates.

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Yes, but what er the cosmetics? If its only a chat tag, and etc, then its iseless and noone will make a clan unless they just want a cool nametag.
(Btw if you can change the colour of the tag then people can pretend to be yt rank/hive+/a staff/etc.)

I think they mean like hypixel guilds with a twist.

Im sorry, but i dont play Hypixel so i dont know any info abt hypixel.

Could we get some more detail?

I think it would be fun if they had a clan like feature where you could level it up as members of the clan win games, maybe even have a clan league type of thing if you want it to be more competitive. Obviously it would give you a clantag to have in front of your name. And i think it would be cool if they had clan leaderboards in each individual game mode so you could see the best clans in those. If theres anything specific you wanted me to go into more detail on id be happy to elaborate on those aswell

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Its called block party now

Bruh that’s a completely different thing.

Swarms is basically what this guy is suggesting


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