"Change to a different hub" bot


Hub bot

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Sometimes I have the problem that my friends and I are at different hubs so can you please make a “change hub” bot to change to different hubs (and below each hub selection there is shown how many friends/players there are)

I know you can teleport to your friend through the friends list but what if you and your TWO friends are all in different hubs then it might be troublesome to get all of you at the same hub…instead you can tell your friends at which hub we should always meet (for example hub 4)

And maybe even a costumized hub spezified only for your friend to join (maybe even a name for the hub like: For all Cookie friendly players :joy:)

I would be very happy if you would consider making a hub bot

I agree with this, but you can still go to your friend’s hub by going to the friends menu, then click the name of your friend that you want to join, then click Join server.


You could probably just make a party, go into a game, go immediately out, and then end up in the same hub, but even a /hub 12 command or something for example would be a very nice QoL feature


I agree with adding this. This would make moving around hubs much easier. It would also make the server feel more open.


I’m pretty sure the /p teleport command is broken so you can’t make a party and do that… But i’m pretty sure the hive teleports you to your friends hub when your first joining the server…


Personally I really like the idea of this “bot,” it could help people go to a different lobby because in there there could be people doing inappropriate things or having inappropriate skins.