Change the name of the Discord Bot!

Hi, I know I said my next post would be a tier list with all the costume but I have this suggestion:

The Mailbot is a character that I think is really cool from The Hive, and I’d really like him to become like a mascot for The Hive.
This is a small change but one that would be really cool for Discord. The bot could be renamed from “The Hive Bot” to “Mailbot”.

In case people get confused because they think it’s a user, it could have a tag written [support bot] next to its name.


I believe the developers are working on a custom discord bot for our discord, which has been a public plan for a while now. I don’t believe they are going to change the name of the bot we have in place for now. But this would be a nice name idea for sure!


This is similar to this (Hive Discord Bots Changes Suggestion) idea, but it’s not close enough for this to be locked