Hive Discord Bots Changes Suggestion

Idea: Change the Discord Bots’ PFP to be Mailbot (or a different version of Mailbot)

More information: With the release of the Hive Discord overhaul, one of the things that didn’t change was the bots.
My idea is to change all 3 discord bots to Mailbot, or a different version of Mailbot (give Mailbot a sibling, hive)

All of the discord bots currently

  • The Hive Default Bot - Builder Bot ( Mailbot with a Builder helmet and a Yellow Screen)

  • The Hive Giveaway Bot - Gift Bot (Mailbot with a Present Bow on his head, and a pink screen)

  • The Hive Update Bot - Mailbot

I feel like with this change, the Discord will have more personality.

— Dog that Self promoted himself to mod, and then muted himself


Very creative! I think this is a good idea. Create a poll to see what others think, or DM a mod on the Hive Discord too to get their opinion.

There a vote button

Indeed there is a vote button and I forgot to press it because I’m flipping blind and I immediately moved on to the next post.

Bump, I still see this as needed