Capture the Flag Kits

So Capture the Flag is fun, and I’m sure a lot of people love it, but I honestly think there’s a need for a different version of CTF.

What is it? Capture the Flag Kits!

So for those of you who thinks that what I’m suggesting sounds familiar, It’s mainly based Off Team Fortress 2. So this may sound familiar:

Notable differences:

Item Shop has no armor and weapon upgrades,

Speed berries, Blocks, TNT, and arrows, (depending on kit) should still be available.

Kits: I currently have 5 to suggest, and I’ll add to this list later:

Sniper: has a bow as primary weapon and a somewhat weak melee. If the sniper gets a headshot, it takes away 4-5 hearts of the target.
(So not an instant kill like in TF2) is pretty slow but not the slowest in terms of speed, and their bow recharges every 3-5 seconds after a shot, and it behaves like the taser in Murder Mystery. Shooting in a straight line. Starts with 8 arrows, and refills are same. The sniper has 5 hearts of health and wears semi decent armor. (Iron helmet with iron boots and either chain or leather chestplate and leggings)

Speedster (Or Scout):

Scouts are the fast runners, with a permanent speed 2 boost. They cannot use speed berries, but they are
Able to outrun the others. They have 6 hearts of health. and are equipped with a stone sword. Maybe a short - mid range bow with 5 arrows default, refills of 5 are able to be bought in the shop. The scout wears the weakest armor (iron boots with the rest as leather armor)

The Bomber (Demoman)

The Bomber is the demolitions expert of the kits.
Starts with 2 of 2 types of boom boxes. A standard boom box for damaging players, and the block breaker for destroying defensive obstacles. The boom boxes can be bought at the shop but the bombs will cost around 100 tokens each, so it’s harder to spam the bombs. Plus there will be a 2 second delay to use another bomb after one explodes.
The Bomber has 8 hearts of health (due to him taking some self damage from nearby explosives of his if he is too close.)
either a wooden or stone sword, depends on what seems more balanced. And they are equipped with iron armor with leather leggings. (And maybe a chain helmet)

The Healer (Medic)

The Healer is the savior of the classes. His main arsenal is to heal his teammates and not do damage, due to this, the medic is rather weak, and easy to kill.
But don’t think they’re an easy takedown! As the team will be protecting him like their flag!

The healer has things like a shield to protect Allie’s from damage (5 seconds duration) and a placeable item that can heal teammates hearts, (like the SG campfires) [both of which can be restocked at the shop, limited to 3 shields and 2 heal pools at 1 time]

the Healer has a permanent speed 1 boost, however, the Healer only has 4 hearts of health. Making him the most vulnerable. Though they are equipped with an iron sword and armor as follows: Gold helmet, and iron chestplate, pants and boots to compensate for their weakness.

Last kit: The Hider (Spy)

The Hider is about stealth, and sneaking behind enemy lines to help his teammates with weak points in the defense. And also surprising their opponents.

The Hider can backstab people, which does half health of damage to all classes. They also get invisibility items, not potions, to sneak around undetected, but if another player walks into you, your helmet and boots show, revealing your location for 2 seconds.

They also have the ability to disguise as enemy players, however this cannot stack with invisibility. Meaning they can’t be used at the same time. So beware and use them wisely! (Restocking the disguise costs 200 tokens. Just to prevent it being spammed, and only one can be equipped at any time.)

The hider gets a stone sword, 6 hearts of health, and leather helmet and boots, with chain mail leggings and chestplate.

Ok, that’s all the classes I have, now the rest of the gamemode:

Round length: 20 minutes max.

Flag carrier slowness: applies the same as regular CTF, though the classes with speed keep their boost with slowness applied.

Upgrades: Same as usual.

Captures to win: maybe 4-5 depending on how balanced the game is.

Kit limits: only 2 of any Kit can be on a team.

Teams: Red and Blue, 8-10 players each.

Auto balance: if there’s a player disadvantage, (say 6v8) one person from the team with more players will be moved to the other team. Priority is given to people not in parties, but if everyone is in a party, it’ll randomly pick one member.

To compromise for being auto balanced, you receive 100 xp automatically if you get auto balanced.

That’s all for me, if you have any ways of making it more balanced or have ideas for kits, please do suggest! Thanks for reading!

“You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best”

  • Rick May (TF2 Soldier voice actor) r.I.p.

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The poor lad just spent an hour writing this and you hit with the
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I wouldn’t say it’s a dupe, as this one more closely describes the kits, and the other one barely described the kits and just stated the idea. Also, I think there could be another kit called tank where you have full iron armor, iron sword, and slowness, but you have 8 hearts and take more damage depending on the weapon; stone does normal damage, iron does half a heart-1 heart more and diamond does 1 heart more per hit. They cannot upgrade armor or sword, but can buy arrows, blocks, bows, and speed berries that increase their speed to Normal for 10 seconds


Yeah I was considering a Tank class to act as the Heavy, just didn’t know a good way to balance him.