Build Batlle mode is appart

Hi, i don’t know if it’s just me and im aware some people still play JustBuid, this gamemode is fun and have potential but i just feel like the gamemode is left apart. Always the same build themes, no update, you just memorize and rebuild the same things everytime. It would be really cool if the game was alive again,

I suggest to maybe add New builds themes like every month, some possibilities for players to vote for the themes they want between 3 random themes at the start of the game. Players could suggest some builds themes they want to see in the game.

I also suggest a New gamemode competitive.
for exemple it starts with 20 players, 10 teams of 2 players who 1v1. Then every player in the game would vote for the 1v1 winners in each team , and it would lead to a final between the 2 players. This competitive mode could give more exp and to avoid troll/inappropriate builds there is a level required to access competitive.

Of course this will not happen in a short time, but the game could evolve gradually.

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I definitely agree just build is one of though’s game the hive definitely forgot about (not really forgot about but left out) its a great game justs needs a couple update like you have stated!!!

ok i like the 1st and 2nd paragraph a lot, it do agree that the themes are a little bland and some new themes could be really cool. but i’m not really on board with the 3rd paragraph, i just don’t think jb needs a competitive mode rn. plus, there could be some issues in the mode as well.

edit: the competitive gamemode is similar to this but i don’t think it’s a dupe: Just Build - Build vs Build vote suggestion

I like this as it freshens up the jb scene! A vote for you good sir!


You have a vote from me!!!