/block feature to block players

/block feature

You can use the /block [user] command to block people and this means they will not be able to send you party invites and you can’t see their messages in the chat

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This would be really useful for when people spam you party invites and friend invites, or even if you cant get along with a person in chat.


There’s already an option to block someone in chat though

Also I think /p ignore [username] blocks their party invites (I could be completely wrong tho)


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nvm I found out hehe

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Thank you for letting me know i can block users because i want to block a racist girl called sudoMW3 and a spawnkiller called justinw4

Please don’t necro-post. You can report these players into he Hive’s Discord since they are breaking rules.

Bump because this should be added…

Another idea is that this command/list could be where you put people like hackers, game hoppers, or stream snipers. In the list, you could remove or add players

This should also make it so the people on this list can’t join your cs’ (Specifically the ones you make) For streamers this would make it so stream snipers, hackers, etc can’t join their cs’ this would help not just streamers though

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