/block command

Giving us the ability to block people by using /block command will be really useful

Some of the servers have this ability because some of people are really annoying not only with the chat, but also by physical movements and spamming partys invites and friend requests (I know that we can stop that with /toggles commands but this is not how it should work) so this what blocking player do:

-with the command you can block and unblock playes

-every time you try to block someone it will show you the results and asks you if you’re sure for this or not

-you can block anyone except the staff, the moderators and the helpers

-the number of players you block is limited

-both of the blocker and the blocked will no longer see each (invisible to each others)

-they can’t see each others chat

-they can’t see each others pets

-if they were friends or in the same party, the blocking will automatically removes them

-if the blocked trys to send a party invite, it will appears as the blocker is offline, but for the blocker it will say that you blocked that person (same thing for cs)

-if the blocked trys to send a friend request, it will appears as something went wrong, but for the blocker it will say that you blocked that person

-if a third person trys to get the blocker and the blocked in the same party (or cs), it will also show a message as something went wrong


it would be good if the person you blocked is unable to join your game aswell


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This is unfortunately a dublicate suggestion. You can support this idea by voting here. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Have a great day!