Beta Lobby (Games and Updates)

The beta lobby would be able to be teleported to from the main lobby.

In this other lobby, there would be Beta games and Beta Updates.

So on one side of the map, there’s Beta Games, like Survival Games.

And Game Beta Updates on the other side, like the murder mystery update.

Hive can use this so when the update and games fully come out there really good, we don’t want another skywars.

I’m on the fence about this. It sounds like a great idea, but would there be enough lobbies for everyone who wanted to try?


What do you mean by this?

If you mean if a Lobby is full theirs a lot more Lobby’s so you can queue up for a game then…


So you basically want Hive to copy Cubecraft…


Many servers do this the most recent one is Cubecraft

Hypixel done it for years

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Cubecraft is the first to do it on bedrock tho

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:clap: bedrock :clap: isn’t :clap: java :clap:

and Hypixel on bedrock is pretty much dead so no arguments


cubecraft made a actual lobby for beta games, while the others didn’t



I agree. No one is copying one another If this is a good thing for all servers

Sg is kind of only beta by name, and the hive doesn’t release release new games that often. Is a whole separate lobby needed?

Can’t be alive if it doesn’t exit lol


Honestly I don’t believe this is necessary because we don’t ever release beta versions of games. As was said above me, SG is pretty much in beta by name only. It’s unlikely we’d ever add an entire beta lobby because we simply wouldn’t offer many betas, if any. Nothing gets released until it’s ready so releasing game updates and things in beta would be pointless against just finishing and uploading them as normal. If we allowed you to beta things before they were done, you’d have a worse play experience than if you were a little more patient and let the Hive do its thing. It would also split players between beta and regular lobbies meaning there’ll be less players in both, especially at times when certain regions are quieter.


Take a look at nethergames :eyes:

I don’t count those pathetic clones

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Remember Beta Updates too

but there was an experimental update for tw and sg is in beta soooooo

SG is in beta by name alone, really. Pretty sure I mentioned that in my earlier post.

As for the current TW one, I think this is the first time they’ve done a preview like this, or at least they don’t do them very often. Having a whole lobby for betas (as per this thread’s suggestion) still doesn’t seem particularly necessary when we can do what we’re doing with TW and just have a separate gamemode.


i would really like this voted

u just bumped a 2 year old post

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Wow… I think we can close this now.

wow i didn’t know that