Best score you got was?


best score saver from the map you played

More information:

it tells you the best score beyond on how much time you finished in the game


imagine you won on the round in 1st place or any other place and you got 00:54:456 on you’re score based on the finish line and then it tells you you’re best score was 00:54:456 and then you press play again then when the match finished from the same map you got 01:08:000 but you’re best score was 00:54:456 but from the other maps how much you got from you’re time till finish line

I like this idea, but I think it will be hard to implement

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they have this sort of thing on hive java


This is a duplicate suggestion of Deathrun Personal Records. Please use the :mag: to search topics in the future

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well if they put one for bedrock edition

oh okay sorry I thought I was the first person who putted this ;-;

ya also thanks :slight_smile: