Bedrock lucky crates

I think lucky crates/or something similar should be added to bedrock.

I think they should be added and could be earned similar to in Java. I also think maybe a in game currency to buy them.

You can get different items to use in the lobby and particles that follow you, When I looked at the bedrock hive roadmap I saw they are going to add more stuff like pets and mounts. I think morphs and particles would be cool with it.

can you elaborate more?

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Hard to explain since I don’t play on Java but basically you could get different cosmetics.

is it like a special box that’s given to you or do you buy it? The hive has lots of cosmetics and is this from the hive java server? If not they may not do it.

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Lucky crates / boxes have been suggested before. Please use the search feature :mag: next time to look for the suggestion beforehand to avoid making a duplicate suggestion. You can find the original suggestion(s) below.

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