Becoming a death not counting as a loss

Whenever someone becomes a death, it counts as a loss resulting in effecting the stats negatively.
I suggest that becoming a death should not count as a loss immediately. Rather there could be a ‘goal’/target for getting certain amount of kills.

For eg. There could be 3 stages for that. For stage 1- we have to get 15 kills giving us 5 xp. For stage 2- we have to get 30 kills giving us 7 xp. For stage 3- we have to get 40 kills giving us 12 xp. There could also be a podium next to runners for whoever gets the most amount of kills.
This might also encourage the players who re-q on becoming a death to play as a death even more.

Wait, it counts as a loss! No wonder my stats are rubbish! Hive need to change this. Voted!


Wow. Wow. This would be a GREAT update for Deathrun considering getting death is so hard! :smile: Voted! :beedance:

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Thank you!


No problem! :wink:


i dont think this will stop me from re-queing but, still, voted


This wouldn’t really stop leaderboard grinders from requing(at least at the beginning of the month) but it would be a great change for the other players who care about their stats. I think there should be 40xp for 15 kills 75xp for 30 kills and 150xp for 50+ kills(40 kills are really less).


I think the best way to fix this would be only giving runners like 2-3 minutes to finish, that way the death stands a chance at actually stopping everyone from finishing, resulting in a win


I don’t think it would discourage people from rq’ing but it would make targetting less ideal for Deaths, along with changing the Deaths win condition at gamestart to “kill as many players as possible” rather than “stop the runners from finishing”.


so you mean to tell me there’s literally 0 reasons to not requeue?

There’s always a reason to requeue, but focusing in on Death Run a reason people would queue Death is because they dont want to be death. That’s a constant you cant stop.

By changing the win condition though so then they win by X kills, maybe it would spur players to pick up Death. Additionally with this change there wouldmt be a fear of targetting as the wincon change would cause targetters to lose, so you would actually have to play well as Death rather than being a targetter.