Be able to get pickaxes from chests

We have all been there. We lose our pickaxe… and there’s nothing we can do about it except try and kill other people for their pick. Honestly, I think you should be able to get picks from chests, so in case if you lose your pickaxe, you can be able to get one from a chest. Yeah, I know a lot of people have been saying it’s not necessary, but just think about it, like @gaminthunder said, some people on mobile can’t combo, and there’s this bug lurking around, (rarely happens) that you are in your inventory, go out, and all your items start dropping. But for me, I have a QWERTY keyboard, and I’ve dropped my pick a ton of times.

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How do you lose your pickaxe in skywars?(I’m assuming that’s what this is for). This would just make chests less useful for 99% of players


Idk, it just happens sometimes

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I would love this. idk how many times I’ve lost a pickaxe because I didn’t go to the right hot bar or something, and i had to play without it. (I won without a pick once.)

Also Drake… don’t judge I’m a clutz


I think this makes a lot of sense I completely agree with your opinion!


I don’t think it’s worth putting in the game tho it is really convenient but I don’t think it’s needed


wait you agree and disagree? You say you want the idea to come and agree with the suggestion but don’t want it in the game?
Also pls don’t double post; you can use the pencil icon near what you posted to edit and add something if you want to add on to the same thing?

p.s @BlazeDrake100 you know how some people have W as forward and Q as drop item in their hotbar for pc? Well, QWERTY keyboards are the most common ones.

I have dropped my pick and then have been forced to fight with no extra loots with juggernauts. This can be added for only mid chests and not surrounding islands…?


I mean, it can’t be that common of an occurrence unless you have a really cramped keyboard, I don’t remember ever accidentally dropping stuff, maybe once or twice, but not often if ever


I agree with it and I don’t at the same time because normally you don’t lose your pickaxe and if you do you usually can kill someone and take they’re pickaxes from them @anon50475507


I mean, if you lose your pickaxe, you can just get another one from someone’s death crate. It’s not that big of an issue.


Well, if this suggestion gets added, maybe they can add better pickaxes?

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I don’t see any reason to add diamond or enchanted pickaxes. This suggestion can be balanced out by making iron pickaxes only for Mid Chests.

@LightKnight2311 what if while fighting you knock someone over edge amd dont receive their loot? Or what if that person has so much stuff that the pickaxe gets knocked in the void?

I am 99% sure that this incident has happened to you when someone who had a sharp 2 fell in void and you were stuck with the diamond sword or sharp 1. Well, except you didn’t want a pickaxe :frowning:

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It’s not like they are the only player in the game. Just kill someone else and make sure you get in a position where you can kill them and loot their death crate.


so usually if you use your pickaxe you cant mine ore (unless u do it with ur fist which still works but is slow) so u dont have good loot so the only way you kan kill enemies is knocking them off and that wont give you a pickaxe

You can just go to mid and loot the chests there. Not to mention the Mystery Chest has the best loot in the game. You really don’t need to mine ores in order to win the game.

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you do understand that people with better loot can get to mid too
thse who could mine ores fast enough
and whats wrong with having pickxes in chests its not spoiling the game

If people getting to mid before you is a problem, you might wanna rethink your strategy. And just because someone has better loot than you doesn’t mean you can’t kill them. Just knock them off their bridge or combo them into the void.

that wont give us a pickaxe and they can do the same to us too and they may be able to epearl while we may not as we were slow to mid

Like I said, they aren’t the only player in the game. It’s really not hard to find someone else in the game. You act like winning the game is impossible without a pickaxe when it really isn’t.

Personally I agree with LightKnight, I dont see a reason to add pickaxes to a chest but I can see why you have come up with this idea :)), (just gonna read others opinions now lol)

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