Ban zappers in the mm office tunnels

So in the map office they have those tunnels in the game, they’re kinda like vents from among us. So when your murderer and lets just say you run into the sheriff in those tunnels, there is no way to dodge the zapper, and it’s unfair for the murderer. Well maybe you can ban zappers in the office tunnels, i’ll send a screenshot to show you what i’m talking about

And the murderer projectiles?
I think it is fine the way it is.


I would say this is a dupe but the original doesn’t really count as a suggestion and this one is a lot more detailed.

The original doesn’t really suggest a solution, it just says that they should be “less overpowered.”

Well most of the time a throwable can be destroyed by a wall, but a zapper is instant, well maybe it would be possible for the arrow to destroy if the zapper moved like a regular vanilla bow


Whenever I try to use the throwable in the tunnel it just hits the ceiling instantly


Yeah idk why but throwables always seem so janky to me, i aim for someones head and it just flys over :thinking:


When throwing the throwable I always aim down slightly


Having non zapper areas is an obvious way for murderers to just camp out the game so instead I think it’s better to just extend the width of the tunnels to 2 or 3 blocks wide. But I agree that the vents are broken.

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