Automatically Closing EnderChests Inventory Menu When Being Attacked

  1. Hypixel isn’t laggy, it was a few months ago when Minecraft’s popularity rose again
  2. No, I don’t want them to copy other servers, I want them to add more things that are useful and require actual SKILL to use and learn
  3. Treasure wars is probably the most strategic game on The Hive, but it still doesn’t have much strategies, for example when playing solos or even doubles you really don’t even have to worry about defense, there is no “bed defense” strategies as defense just isn’t needed. It’s all rushing in treasure wars, and I feel that it’s mostly because of bedrock edition bridging mechanics.
    I have played Hive java bedwars before, and it was much slower paced and more strategic because there was no godbridging, although there were a LOT more hackers, same with the skywars.
  4. Snowballs require almost no skill unless your trying to snipe someone from across the map, I mean c’mon you can literally make someone fly just be tapping right click, e-pearls move too slow and move too little distances to be of much use besides clutching, boomboxes are really the only strategic thing, and even then they don’t require much skill to use besides KB boomboxes
  5. Eggwars has the same issues, but its less strategic, Lifeboat is filled to the brim with mobile players and is laggier than even nethergames

But yeah there is my rant lol

Can we not talk about other servers

ok, if u don’t like bedrock then play java

multiple entities make the game lag and the hive is aldready laggy for some players

use a comma, it feels like ur saying mobile players are the reason for lag

also ,snowballs help in combos

Oh I like bedrock edition, it’s equal to java in my opinion but they both have their ups and downs, I just wish treasure wars was more complex like many other “wars” style games

I really like this idea!!!
But also what if along with this after you final kill them their enderchest brakes and drops the loot or something?? I know I have been in many fights where after I break their treasure they bank their ems so I don’t get them. Although it is a strat…
Anyways good suggestion, take my vote!!!

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instead of breaking why cant we just open it and get their stuff too
(the ender chest becomes a normal chest)

@Artiath please don’t compare hive to other servers, also don’t talk bad about other servers.

@gaminthunder, it’s also his opinion, just like your opinion is still your opinion.

Please Stop Arguing over a opinion, or adding more things in the game, if you want to add a item then suggest it.

what if it’s true : )

Suggest it on here, if it not already suggested

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i never said his opinion is invalid , it is a good opinion ngl but we cant add the stuff there in other servers BECAUSE hive doesnt copy others

We still shouldn’t be talking about it, plus you could get banned.

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wait what…

im not sure about that

here here lets stop this discussion :+1:

Agreed :stuck_out_tongue:

agreed, is there a forum rules @BreadInu with the rules for the forums?

I have a good solution

Why don’t you 3 make a private thread and take this conversation there so this thread doesn’t go from “Close Enderchests when getting attacked” to “EhHh tW iSn’t StRaTeGiC eNoUgH,”

That would do WONDERS to this thread

nah cause I don’t like the idea of this thread as it removes a common strategy lol

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Risky?How would it be risky?it would be less risky because you immediately get pulled out of the chest basically bringing to to how fast you can react.

It both risky and not risky

Risky, because you have to be quick to store your items

Not Risky, depending on how quick you react to the attacker

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I was origanally going to say that but people like to get things out of their e chest on diffrent islands, as well as temamates giving things to each other when they aren’t near each other. But that would be sick ngl.