Automatically Closing EnderChests Inventory Menu When Being Attacked

  • Before we start
    EnderChests, they can save players’ loot after dying, which is fine on it’s own

  • Why?

Because one of the most annoying things are how players will run to the enderchests when being attacked, for other players not to collect their loots

This is very annoying since players are only attacking them since they could have ores such as Diamonds or Emeralds

So this is unfair

  • How do we Fixed this?

If a player is using a EnderChest, but gets attacked, then they’ll be exited out of the inventory menu, easy fixed.

Edit: this would also fixed players accidentally clicking on the ender chest while fighting

Honestly I kind’ve I agree with this, people can have good loot such as Golden apples, pearls, Etc just for them to rush to an ender chest to save them from being lost until they die and get them again. But then their own teammates can sabotage them

Edit 1: I am gonna check if this subject was complained about on hypixel Forums and the OP got shredded for the post

Edit: Yup, Found the post

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Uh, how is this a bad thing? The whole purpose of the echests is to save your stuff in case you get attacked. If you’re going to lose a fight, banking all your stuff right before you die is a common strategy and a good decision to make. Just because you can’t kill them before they bank their stuff doesn’t mean you need to remove them. There is no need or reason to remove that functionality from echests whatsoever just because it can be “annoying.”


I’m pretty sure Bread just meant close the Ender Chest inventory automatically if you’re being attacked

Pretty much, but what your opinion on this?

I play mobile and I accidentally open the Ender Chest a lot while in fights, so this would help me a lot if the inventory menu automatically closes without me having to hit the x. Can’t really speak for anyone else though.


Nah, that’s a strategy, Hive treasure wars is already not strategic enough

wow thats sooo true /s

also ender chests are used to save your inventory why would you remove that function

I dont think this should be a thing, because it adds to the hardness of the game. Also if it does get added then it should be for SG and SW too?

It’s not removing the enderchests
It’ll just exited automatically out of the enderchest’s menu inventory if you’re being attacked

SG and SW don’t have ender chests that worked like normal

Look at other servers, for example Hypixel Bedwars, on that there is many items, such as ladders, tnt, fireballs, sponges, iron golems, and just items that can be used to create cool strategies. You also have to worry about your defense, and not just play offensive, whereas Hive treasure wars is just slap a piece of wool on your treasure and rush. The only cool thing that is useable is boom boxes, but those are too expensive to even end up buying as it’s much better just to rush everyone and occasionally buy a block breaker boom box to get their treasure.

yes, but you do get taken by surprise when clearing your inventory in all these games.

Sg: You loot the tier one, two chests/ a dead person’s grave/ the supply crate and inventory.

Sw: For all the modes, this is very real. Looting the Death Chests and the normal chests and ender chests and inventory

while doing this, you are prone to get cleaned by someone. so if this does get added then it should be all for all games in which when someone loots a chest, player 2 comes and cleans player 1 because his view was blocked

Personally, this isn’t that big of an issue because pc players use esc to come out of inventory and chests. And it’s fairly easy to come out of the chest or inventory slot by tapping the X that comes.

bruh i didnt say it removes the enderchest pls read the post properly i told remove the ‘function’

@Artiath so basically ur saying that the hive needs to copy all other servers and become one of the laggiest servers like hipixel

think about it all those blocks, entities in treasure wars if ur playing on phone ur gonna be playing a powerpoint presentation unless its like 8gb ram

treasure wars is a pvp game which does include strategy. if the hive adds tons of stuff most of it wont even be used by players as one feature will be better than the others

there are snowballs, epearls, boomboxes in tw which can be used for strategies u dont necessarily need

also if u wanna play stuff like hipixel u can play in servers like cubecraft,lifeboat etc

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i dont like this, id rather have my ems safe than my life, sorry :(


I disagree with this too. I’ve been able to save my stuff so many times by quickly going to an echest when I realize someone has better gear than me


i highly disagree because you will mostlikely be running from mid being chased late game with lots of items so this can be a life saver,anyway said person could just jump/throw off the items


If you’re late game wouldn’t that mean your treasures is destroyed

And that you’re risking yourself to be killed by doing that

I actually think this is a great solution to the problem. It makes banking things in your e-chest still a possibility, but a risky move. meaning the players would have to prioritize whatever they want to go into the e-chest because they may not have too much time.


late game can be as early as 5 mins in, its when theres only 2/3 teams left so no, your treasure would still exist.

and the problem here?

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