Atlas System for catching cheaters?

I am aware that the hive is doing their best to improve the anticheat, but since the replay mod is soon to come, I think it would be a cool idea to have an atlas system. It basically allows you to spectate replays of random reported suspects and determine whether they’re cheating or not. I think it would be a fun way to help the server :slight_smile:

Also, I think it would be a good idea to restrict it to hive plus users only to avoid people from abusing it somehow.

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You’d have to consider all the people who might say someone is hacking when they’re clearly not just to troll/target a specific player, but otherwise I do feel like this is a fun idea.

Also, I don’t think restricting it to Hive+ would help, but that’ just me :o

I like the name too, “atlas” sounds nice


Maybe there should be a way to prioritise legitimate reports. And maybe deprioritise abusive reports

I think the whole point of atlas would be to stop abusive reports using atlas, so even if someone trolls a random person, you could always select an option saying they’re legit

The average bedrock edition player is neither competent nor mature to determine whether someone is cheating or not. Also the Hive is not Hypixel.


I mean, I feel like in game reporting will be enough, we can let the mods handle it, and the hive can always add more if they don’t have enough


“Atlas” is the name Hypixel calls it. So it would probably be called something else on Hive.


One step at a time. If ingame reporting doesn’t work well enough, then who knows.

Hypixel didn’t come up with the idea, csgo for example has had it for a long time and called it “overwatch”


also it’s not the average bedrock edition player, on hypixel to use atlas you have to be network level 50 and you need 500 games played in the mode you are choosing to do it in (i.e 500 duels games played and network level 50)

obviously hive could tweak this to make this more effective, but atlas isn’t for players to ban hackers, it’s to make going through reports easier. if mods see a lot of people saying that one person is cheater, it will make it easier for the staff.


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I understand a Idea from and Feature from Hypixel… smart, still get my vote

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I was going to make a new suggestion about this, but I saw it would’ve been a dupe so I found this topic. now since the replay system is coming soon to the Public, could we have this? I think it would be great to crack down on cheaters and it would be a fun way to do it, also this would be great for content creators to make videos using this

In-game reporting will be intertwined with the replay system, this has been the plan all along.


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