Hive Atlas Feature

My idea is for hive to have a sort of Atlas feature
Now if you don’t understand what exactly atlas is. It is a feature which allows experienced hypixel players to be able to review watchdog reports and decide whether or not the suspect is cheating and it is very effective and has helped hypixel a lot

My idea is for hive to have its own version of this. Recently, we have gotten to learn that hive will be developing both a replay feature and a report system into their game but here are my reasons for bringing in this feature. First off, Hive is a huge server and once the reporting system is put into the game there will be at least thousands of daily reports and while the hive staff is good at their job that will still be a large volume of reports for them to sift through. Secondly, there are many experienced pvp players out there on the hive who are able to tell the difference between a legitimate player and a cheater because they’ve been in a pvp community where half of the players are closer cheating. Now basing off of that, there may be a few questions like “Well how do we determine who gets to use the feature and who doesn’t” and to simply put it, the only ones using the feature would be players who were max level at that specific game because they will be the ones who have played it the most and will have had the most experience. Finally, this will make the hive staff’s job easier and while there may be some initial doubt to this idea, I would like to remind you that this would be an optional feature and players would only do this if they felt like it and also this idea has already been implemented in hypixel which is the biggest Minecraft server and it has worked out really well for them

If you read this entire post, thank you and if you have any questions about this please feel free to dm me on discord my tag is Magilon#0003

Thanks for spending time on writing this suggestion, but atlas feature has already been suggested here. In the future use the search feature :mag: to avoid making duplicate suggestions. Also welcome to the forums! :partying_face: