Anti Duplicate skins

Often the hive will change some ones skin as its an unfair skin, sometimes creating a situation where two people have the same hive skin.

A system to fix this is necessary as haveing the same skin as some one else is unfair

Thats not always the case. It mostly happens when someone is wearing a skin with custom geometry that isn’t supported by the Hive (as in making a custom skin from the Minecraft character creator or setting a custom skin with unsupported geometry).

Okay cool, but do you have any ideas though or an actual suggestion on how it can be fixed?


I made a similar post to this a while back. Also @Oblivion1011043 it brings up some ways to implement a system of fixing it
Fix the new default skins in MM


Yes, block that default skin after one person has it, forceibg another to be selected

There’s like 3 or 4 custom skins :pensive:

Then it should automaticly give a hive paid skin, for the match

i don’t know how much that’s gonna help with half the players using black and white anime teen skins that all look the same (and of course they’re also lvl 70+, green name and often playing together)