Adding the restart eye of ender to parkour

I’m sure some people won’t know what this is but during the holloweween update and sonic update there was limited time parkours and when you missed a jump you could left click the eye of ender and tp to the start of the parkour. Lmk what you think about this idea and if I should change anything

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Yesss!! This will save so much time traveling thorugh the mountains to the start


Yes pls. CC has the same thing and as an ex-main of cc i miss that sm

Duplicate suggestion, go vote for that one to see this being implemented!

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Mine does have diferent ideas tho

Yes the dupe rule is annoying the other posts are always inactive

I don’t see what’s different

You can always bump a topic if you have new stuff to add, just don’t do it excessively (:


Duplicate Suggestion