Adding Shields to Treasure Wars (Special)

Shields would be a good option is TW for 2 reasons

  1. They will stop people from bow spamming you

  2. They will help you mid fight

They should cost somewhere around 5-10 emeralds.

It would also change the meta too.

I feel like these would bee too OP. Being able to stand on a bridge and not being able to be touched by either arrows or snowballs would be too OP. :+1:


Sorry forgot to add the thing about axes, they do triple damage to shields making their durability plummet

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15 Emeralds is a good cost.


I would like this but it would be a bit op considering you can sit there and block any attack. Great suggestion tho.

No, just no.

the knockback on this server is terrible enough, we don’t need these things that are going to just ruin the pvp meta.

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Shields would ruin pvp on the server, because you don’t need skill to use them(not unlike diamond armor but whatever). You can just hide behind your shield, poke your opponent once, and continue to hide again. I’d like know what inspired you to make this suggestion


well on hyperlands skywars there are also shields

are you implying that hyperlands is a good quality server


the server works out quite well tho there are bugs

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Doesn’t make it a quality server its literally a hypixel copy but p2w and unbalanced


The kb is better than mineplex lol. The only problem is hit registration and blocks disappearing

the kb is so little that even s tapping doesnt do much

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On hive or mineplex? On hive i deal the most kb.

not saying mineplex is any better

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mineplex players don’t move lol it’s hilarious. Hive players take a little more kb from my experience


I would hate shields. I can see many people camping in corners with a shield on making them invincible. They can heal up to full if they need to or just be obnoxious and create an extra long game.


Bow spamming inspired me

The sheilds would break

But you could buy many and keep switching them in your inventory forever

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