Adding duels as a gamemode and improvement

Duels should be a own gamemode. As of now, hive duels is just a hub game which is just only playable with people in the same hub. Most of the time there is no people queueing or you’re playing with the same player which is quite useless. The pvp modes should also be improved like the uhc mode. The current uhc mode is too blant with only axe, blocks and snowballs. There should also be more modes such as sumo etc.

Some additional points from swimfan: A Game Developers Opinion on The Hive Arcade Update - YouTube


I agree, I find the way duels was implemented underwhelming. Duels was a highly requested feature from everywhere, and would be a huge hit if it were to had its own mode instead of being hidden away in both the hub and the compass

Right now the queuing is restricted to a single Arcade lobby, which makes you have a ton of repeated opponents or just…no opponents at all if you are playing on non-peak hours or the Asia region. Most of the time you’d have to type “someone queue duels” in chat for there to be an actual opponent. It is way slower than if it were for queues to span across servers, with less chance to face off against repeated opponents as well.

Even if there were tons of player playing duels in the lobby, this proposes another issue - you can’t go up against a desired opponent such as a friend. You just have to wait so that no one else is in a queue in order to actually duel. As an admin on the Zeqa Network, I find it so convenient over there to just hold your sword and hit someone to send them a private duel request, or to just use /duel. Since duels on Hive right now happen in the hub, it’s not a gamemode so there wouldn’t be any custom server support as well.

For montage making or content creation, this has lackluster support in that department. After all, replay isn’t supported because it’s not an actual mode, so forget any cinematic content that can be made (:cold_face: :sob:). Moreover, the duels end instantly after the last hit instead of leaving a few extra seconds, making it so dissatisfying when winning a duel because it just gives you blindness and teleports you back to the duel machine without any time to spare. That amazing feeling you get when your opponent flops over and dies in Minecraft is irreplaceable.

Because it all has to fit inside a building in the Arcade hub, the duel arenas are also super small, along with the trees which get in the way most of the time. Sure, the trees look nice, but when the arena is this small it’s not a great experience. This is true especially for the bow kit. The UHC kit has barely any resemblance to UHC, with there being no gapples, lava, water, rod (i guess snowballs are a good alternative), bow or the absence of natural regeneration. Although items like the lava, water and rod may be too hard for mobile players to use, if duels was a separate gamemode with PBMM it wouldn’t be an issue

Finally, because this is all happening in the hub you can’t report people via the command. Again, there wouldn’t be any replay support, so catching a duels cheater is way more rough for moderators. For a gamemode like 1v1 which is arguably one of the most competitive modes, it shouldn’t take you the effort of recording footage and going on the in-game reporting channel on Discord


You have just insulted my entire race of people

Nevertheless I agree with what you said


I’m so down for sumos


Yeah if they could add more modes like pot pvp and gapple pvp and stuff too it would be a hit id think


Duels were so underwhelming, just having it be its own mode would help so much. More kits, platform/skill matchmaking, 2v2s, better arenas are all needed, and the fact that duels are held in the hub make queues long, boring, and repetitive.


I said something similar to this in my suggestion if you guys wanna check it out!
link: Hub Games Upgrade

bump I think this should be added because we will maybe get most of our sweats back :cubee:


bump because i agree


Yes the only reason i play cubecraft is that it has duels


yeah I also play cubecraft for duels


Cubecraft duels are really fun, I play it all the time ashamed of myself so I think this would be great for the Hive. Voted!


yes, again I agree and with the hive’s awesome combat system it would be so fun


Duels is a way of practicing too. So, I voted.