Hub Games Upgrade


  • Adding a specific ‘Hub Games’ NPC.
  • Adding statistics to all the hub games.

More information:

As many of you may know, The Arcade came out with three ‘hub games’: Duels, Nemo Slap and Spleef. However, these games aren’t that popular and don’t really get the attention they deserve. This is mostly due to them being hidden in the bottom of the compass menu [many players don’t even use the compass] and the lack of rewards or levels [pros would rather spend time grinding a game where they actually can keep track of their stats].

Furthermore, as stated by MasterJim7930:

To solve this, I think NPCs should be added to the hub to indicate that these games exist. This could either be implemented using one NPC titled ‘Hub Games’ or each game having its own NPC.

In addition, I think the hub games should have statistics [kills, deaths, kdr, wins, games played ect] to make them more like a real game. This would give people incentive to play them as they can keep track of how they are playing. On top of this, players could receive rewards for reaching certain milestones [eg. 1000 kills in nemo slap]. This would give people even more reason to play the game for the exclusive cosmetics they can obtain [hub titles, avatars and maybe a costume.]

I know this is not the most important update that needs to be made, however I think it would be good to consider for the future.

If you got this far, thanks for reading <333


pls i spent a lot of time on this pls give me feedback <333


No feedback from me. Good suggestion

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Great suggestion! This would bring more awareness to the hub games!

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they should be more visible but i do not like the idea of making them have statistics. This is because these games are only here to give people something to do when they are bored or just want something quick to do in the hub and making them competitive would make a lot of less skilled players stop playing.

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I like this idea, maybe in the Arcade Hub instead of costumes, they would be replaced with the hub games NPCs

and maybe the costume somewhere else

Great suggestion though :+1:

Good point, it might get a bit too sweaty with statistics. However, I was just thinking duels especially should have them because it was one of the most requested gamemodes and it sort of feels incomplete in its current form.

You could add that players aren’t aware of others queueing so the process can take minutes if not seconds to fill up.

Idk if i did that right because im semi-new to the forums.