Adding a new game to the server

I’m thinking to add a new game, since I’m not that good at minecraft I request give to add MANHUNT, yes, manhunt to test hive players to their limit there will be 1v1 - 1v5 but of course it’s upto give how will the game work, but of course manhunt in bedrock edition, crazy right, yes I know but the runner doesn’t have to beat the dragon the runner only needs to beat the wither, seems harder, but it’s not beating the wither is easier than beating the dragon, anyway that’s it from me cya. ( ´◡‿ゝ◡`)

I don’t really feel a large manhunt gamemode like this would fit in with Hives variety of smaller minigames.
Unfortunately the suggestion of manhunts within the server has been suggested before. Please use the search feature (:mag:) to look for the suggestion beforehand to avoid making a duplicate. You can find the original suggestion here.

Additionally, suggestions for the server should go into the #suggestions category. This is so the topic can be easily identifiable, as well as allowing forum users to vote on the suggestion.