Add TNT to Treasure Wars

Now I know that this has been suggested several times before but I’m going to try to present a valid argument on why TNT should be added to Treasure Wars.

  1. Tools Suck- The big problem with tools is that each block requires a different tool to be broken with. For example, if you want to break through a defense that has a layer of wood followed by a layer of endstone, you need two different tools to break through the defense quickly. Oh what’s that? You want to break through endstone blocks faster? Well too bad buddy because you get to waste 5 diamonds on a iron pickaxe. Oh and if they happen to have a layer of wood under the endstone and you don’t have a axe with you then congratulations you get to spend 6 and a half hours breaking it. If people wanted to stand still and hold down left click on a block to break it they’d punch trees in single player.
    Conclusion: There are too many different types of tools and they’re boring to use.

  2. TNT would make breaking defenses fun- Like I stated earlier, breaking treasure defenses is probably more boring than doing taxes. Like seriously, usually you approach the enemies base, kill the defenders, proceed to hold down left click on a block, and then get stabbed in the back by a random level 1. Then the process repeats like 3 times until they either /hub or just give up. Now just imagine how much more fun and exciting it would be if you could place down TNT, defend yourself while the TNT prepares to explode, and frantically try to break the treasure while the defenders rush to cover their treasure again. Now I don’t know about you but that sounds way more fun than standing still at a block and holding left click.
    Conclusion: TNT would help make the most boring and obnoxious part of the game fun again

  3. TNT would have tons of uses- The great thing about TNT is that it has multiple different uses. Now obviously it can be used to break a treasure defense, but there are several other things that TNT would be great for. For example, TNT can be used for TNT jumping. Now I know this is a bit extreme but hear me out. Let’s say you’re going across a bridge to the enemy team. However, you’re out of blocks and there’s a giant gap between you and their base. You turn around and realize their entire team is coming towards you on the bridge. You place TNT on the bridge and prepare to jump. Just before the TNT explodes you leap forward, causing the TNT explosion to boost you towards the enemies base. You land perfectly on their base and proceed to break their treasure and win the game. Now I know that’s silly but you get the idea. A more practical use of TNT would be to kill someone with it. You could place a TNT down in the middle of a fight, hit the player into the TNT, either instantly killing them or launching them off the ground and killing them of fall damage. I think you get the idea.
    Conclusion: TNT has a lot of uses that would be fun and interesting

In conclusion, TNT would make a great addition to Treasure Wars because it’s better than tools, makes breaking treasure defenses fun again, and has a plethora of other uses that would be fun and exciting.

(also if you disagree with me than you’re wrong)

The different tools each block needs adds strategy to how you defend/attack. Tnt would make the meta even less defensive, and the meta is almost all offense rn. Bad idea IMO


Agreed Blaze , adding TnT would just make stuff hell in my opinion and make people who are powerful , even more powerful. I find TnT useless in the sense of treasure wars especially when all the blocks we have is basically just wool , hardened clay , wood , diorite , and endstone. I just see no reason to add TnT when you can use a pickaxe or axe.


My issue with tnt is that I don’t want the hive to add it and then have it for like 5 diamonds or whatever and get it to destroy everything, I do think something is needed to counter the all defense meta though, but it isn’t on my list of priorities


Firstly he was joking. Second he said he knows it’s been suggested before, and that he was going to bring up a valid argument as to why this should be added.


The meta is already dominated by high level players rushing right after you get 5 gold for wool and punching the treasure before anyone even has defenses and low levels barely defend or even sprint for that matter, so if TNT is priced correctly (5-10 Emeralds), it wouldn’t even matter. The only people it’d really help with is proficient turtles, so really all you’d be doing is removing the only time games last longer than 3 minutes. As for the arguments-

  1. There’s only 2 tools and wood is the only use for an axe. Having all pickaxe blocks (like it used to be) would eliminate a lot of strategy.
  2. “Standing still and holding left click” is kind of the whole base function of the game. In my opinion, there is nothing better than finally breaking the defenses of someone you’ve died to countless times.
  3. TNT jumping sounds cool but consider the following; TNT not doing damage to you means that you could basically place TNT towards the back of the treasure ensuring you have a guaranteed treasure destroy since everyone else will be already avoiding it. If it does do damage to you, it’d severely weaken you which would make it easy to kill you. Combine that with an accurate price of 5-10 emeralds and there’s already a cheaper and better option in ender pearls.

In almost every scenario I see, TNT would just make games too long because of even more turtling to shrug off the TNT or too quick because of either instant elims or even more rush meta to avoid base defending altogether.


TNT would be a nice addition imo, but it needs to be fairly expensive. @PixL talked about perhaps having the price at 5-10 Emeralds which I agree with. To be a little more precise, I would like to have the price at 6-8 Emeralds if this was to be added. TNT could probably help explode skybasers (if you are accurate enough to pull off such a thing) as well. It would also make treasure destroying a bit more bearable, especially if they have multiple endstone layers.

Ok I think I need to clarify something I forgot to mention. Yes of course TNT should be expensive. 5 emeralds seems like the right range.

5 Emeralds is kinda sad. If I rushed someone right out of the start of the game , give or take and wait 3-5 minutes , rush mid. You have 5 emeralds. Easy.


I definitely agree that 5 emeralds is too easy to get.

I agree with this quote as well, 5 emeralds doesn’t take too long to get.


Would anyone else be happy if they just added shears?


off topic but yes definitely

You sure you aren’t over reacting? One of your points is about different material defense - imagine this - stone pickaxe and stone axe in the game. Iron is completely unnecessary, you don’t need diamonds.

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Was that directed at OP?

Yep! Sorry sir twenty char

I know this is an older suggestion but I do think it should be brought back up now that we see how this works in Sky Wars. I initially was against tnt in Treasure Wars but I think that the boom boxes at the very least would be a pretty good addition. Maybe have a boom box that breaks blocks, but nowhere near as many blocks as regular tnt and definitely not throwable. Specifically the knockback boombox for tnt jumping and the slowness boom box for runners.

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TNT would be a great idea! Maybe make endstone or other blocks blastproof?

About the pricing, we can always use Hypixel as an example (I forgot their price)

i think that would be a great addition

It’s is 4 gold which isn’t op at all. So don’t even say it is. Also i agree to add it because of the massive defenses in squads and trios

We definitely should make it around 10 or so ems.