Add the King Death costume for lvl 75

Ok before anyone comments “they will add a costume at 100” I KNOW THAT this is just suggesting the costume to be added to 75 instead
My suggestion
I think the king death (death skin) costume should be added for level 75, as a grinder currently I feel there isn’t much point in grinding to 75 for no costume reward. And it deserves one because it is much harder to grind to 75 than it is to 40
On hive tools (idk if it’s accurate) it shows that level 40 is only 35% of the total xp

so players deserve the costume especially because knowing hive there won’t be new levels for 1-2 years and when level 100 is added there should be a special reward like a special hubtitle: ultimate death :skull:
Or for prestige to be added

Hopefully hive doesn’t close this because I’m just suggestion they change their decision about the costume reward, and we should be able to give our thoughts and feedback about that


There should be another costume at level 75 because I’m really don’t want a level 100 which will make leveling up way harder.

Bump, I am almost level 75 and I want a costume