Add the ability to jump-solid like in Hive Java

Idea: In the Java edition of Hive HnS, you can time your jumping so that your block goes solid in mid-air.

More info:
This does not work currently in Bedrock HnS as jumping in the same spot would just cancel out the ‘go solid’ timer. (brief description of what jumping solid is, if you’re unaware)

Bedrock HnS imo, just doesnt feel the same as many pro Java players utilise this jump solid technique for very creative and good spots which are just not possible in Bedrock and forces people to only 2 ways of going solid: staying still and solid OR shifting to the edge of a block and going solid there.

If you’re reading this, please give feedback on my suggestion. Constructive criticism/ any opinions are appreciated! Have a good day :slight_smile:

@MylesDev @JollyajaX1 It’d be awesome if you guys could do this, it can possibly even bring some Java HnS pros to Bedrock!

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Good idea, remember to vote for your own thread xd

No what the heck? voting for your own idea is dumb

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why is it dumb lmao

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because it’s just bad. you know you’re not the one that was suppoused to vote, THEY were.

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Well if you’re gonna make an idea and not support it, what are you doing?