Add team picking

I wanna be able to pick what colour I am, if I wanna be blue why cant I be blue?
if two people pick the same colour then they both end up on the same team.

What would happen if 2 people choose the same colour? Also, this might cause some problems like teaming, as 2 people who are teaming might pick islands next to each other.
Please use the correct category, #suggestions:treasure-wars.


then report them for crossteaming, if they wanted to team they would have both picked the same team

Can you please go into some detail about what could happen if 2 people pick the same colour? That would help the hive team if this does get considered.

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I give up lol, I still don’t think this is a good idea though.

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it means I don’t have to wonder what colour I’m gonna be. what if there is a sweat that I don’t wanna fight at the beginning of the game? if I choose a colour that they’re not I can avoid them.

how do u know hes in a specific team?

and if you do know ,that will cause many ppl to spam the team which the pro player is in

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it could show the players names under the wool, and the wool could be stacked depending on how many poeple are on it

it will be unfair as many people will be trying to get into a pros team

and knowing the team as you start is kinda RNG which is part of the game

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it wouldn’t be unfair because they don’t know the persons star

wut? what star?

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please look closely at the names of the players

ex- gaminthunder


edit: couldnt find an argument ey?

I don’t think this is a great idea.

for one it will make teamers lives so much easier
second, it takes out the randomness of the game

in solos… absolutely not .

If players want Person A on their team everytime, all they need to do is invite Person A to the party c:

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i think the way teams are currently picked is fine, but i see where you were going with this.I believe there is something like this on hypixel? However i wouldn’t think this suits hive very well

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Another problem with this is that it would increase targeting high level people. If you accidentally reveal your team too early in a solos match, and are high level, you’re almost definitely going to get siderushed immediately. If your team was shown before the match, that would make it even worse


I was thinking this myself, then realized you could cheat the system with this. Lets say you don’t have Hive+, so your max party is 4. You want to play TW Megas and you have 5 friends online and you all want to play. The person that is not in your party could friend join you and select the team you and your party is on. Its like having an extra party slot.

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even better. why do u need to pay to play with ur friends?

Custom servers have this. You can pick which person is on which team.

But I just don’t feel like you should be able to pick colors. I like the randomness of it.